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In Western Phthiotis of Central Greece, in the valley of Sperchios River, there lies a small village, Ptelea. This is both our hometown and our business’ location.


Back in 1970, Konstantinos Stefanis, a carpenter, and his wife Katina, in their many visits to the local forests, they quite often came across natural  beehives in tree trunks. This was enough to intrigue them to further engage themselves with beekeeping and have the first beehives of their own.  Konstantinos and Katina had three children, two of which pursued an academic career , while the third one,, Evangelos, fascinated by beekeeping, stayed in the village and helped his father,specially with the task of carrying the beehives to nearby locations in order to achieve better honey varieties and quality.


It was finally in 1980 when Evangelos started his small beekeeping business. The only help he had  was his father’s advice and a couple of books that he managed to find. His courage though and his stubbornness to succeed were more than enough to cover for any lack of means and supplies. Not long later, he created his own family and his wife Irini, became the strongest business associate he could ever possibly hope to find. The couple’s desire to master the art of beekeeping was that big that they attended every single beekeeping seminar, class or convention they possibly could.  


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The business prospered. Today,  we have more than 1000 beehives, which we carry throughout Greece, all year long. We benefit for the rich variety of plants and trees offered by the Greek landscapes and, carry our bees throughout the country, n order to collect different varieties of honey, with authentic flavors and an outstanding variety of colors and scents.


Stiil using the traditional beekeeping methods of production of honey and other bee products and having deep knowledge of  their nutritional value, we make sure that our final product is always exactly as nature meant it to be! In  addition to honey production beehives, we have more than 1500 coupling cells for the production of Queen bees.  Our many years of experience  in beekeeping is now the best guarantee for our products. This is the reason why our products stand out in the market and are trusted by beekeepers across the country, with fresh new customers coming in every day.


As the  years  have passed , a new generation of the family now runs the business. Evangelos and Irini’s three sons, Konstantinos, Thanasis and Stefanos share their parents’  love for beekeeping and today lead the company to the 21st century and an even more promising  and prosperous future.



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